NEVS begins to produce pure electric vehicle at Tianjin plant

Posted: July 2, 2019


National Electric Vehicle Sweden has started the production of a pure electric sedan based on its traditional Saab 9-3 platform at its Chinese plant in Tianjin. The plant has the capacity to develop 50000 EVs annually. The introduction of this vehicle will catalyse the OEM to produce EVs in other Chinese cities. Real-estate firm Evergrande, the majority shareholder of the Swedish automaker, has started to enter into the domestic EV market with a series of acquisitions in 2019. Apart from NEVs, the company has acquired hanghai-based EV battery supplier CENAT New Energy and electric motor suppliers Protean and Dutch-based e-Traction. In June 2019, the company also signed agreements with local governments to produce EVs, batteries and electric motors in the Guangzhou and Shenyang, with investment totaling CNY440bn (USD64.2bn).

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