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As part of our research, sometimes we come across great resources that can be very useful for analysts with heavy information requirements. Once we find a resource, a member of our analyst team evaluates it before posting it here with her comments. We’re in the process of compiling the list and expect to complete the current list by mid-April 2019.

Compatibility and Investment in the US Electric Vehicle Market

Author: Jing Li
Date of publication: January 2019
No. of pages: 52

Why it works:

The report is a comprehensive study on the effect of a blend of three mismatched standards for charging electric vehicles in the US market from 2011-2015. What we found interesting about the report is the model which identifies a link between electric vehicle demand and investment in charging network to estimate the impact of a uniform charging standard and benefit to consumers. The report also analyses subsidies in the federal and state level to identify demand elasticity.

Recharging India’s electric vehicle ambition by electrifying public transport

Authors: Pranavant, Sumit Mishra, Aashima Garg
Date of publication: February 2019
No. of pages: 24

Why it works:

The report discusses the development of a sustainable ecosystem for EV adoption in India. It also discusses potential models for EV adoption in public transport in the wake of pollution and dependence on crude oil leading to higher import bills. The report also discusses business models for setting up charging stations.


Authors: Anders Hove and David Sandalow, Centre on Global Energy Policy
Date of publication: February 2019
No. of pages: 88

Why it works:

The report focuses on variations of electric vehicle charging in China and the US. It also explores policies that are shaping the growth of EV charging; technologies that are being used; and business models that are emerging as the EV charging industry grows.

2019 Corporate Energy & Sustainability Progress Report

Author: Schneider Electric
Date of publication: January 2019
No. of pages: 33

Why it works:

The report provides guidance to help companies align how they buy and use energy, reduce environmental impact, and develop sustainable operations beyond a model for continuous improvement and growth that Schneider Electric calls Active Energy Management. The report focuses on how to manage funds, use data from and collaborate on related projects and programs. The report circles around three questions:

  • What are the drivers for corporate investment in energy and sustainability, and what are the existing challenges?
  • What types of energy and sustainability projects are being implemented?
  • What tools and technologies are being used to collect and analyse data?

From cradle to grave – e-mobility and the French energy transition

Author: Abrial Gilbert-d’Halluin, European Climate Foundation
Date of publication: January 2018
No. of pages: 22

Why it works:

“The study conducts lifecycle analysis of BEVs, PHEV, ICE vehicles in terms of their environmental and climate impacts. What I found particularly interesting was an assessment of three scenarios of how battery electric vehicles could impact France’s energy profile till 2030 — Energy transition objective; Acceleration of renewable energies and Phase-out policy

Electric Mobility & Development

Author: The World Bank and The International Association of Public Transport
Date of publication: December 2018
No. of pages: 71

Why it works:

The report is a comprehensive study that could help governments design electric mobility programs to achieve their development goals. It uses evidence, viewpoints, and analyses eMobility programs

Use of electric vehicles to transform mass transportation in India

Author: PwC
Date of publication: December 2018
No. of pages: 16

Why I think it works:

  • The report attempts to understand the mobility market in India, weighing factors such as pollution that could be addressed with e-Mobility
  •  It discusses Megatrends and the public transportation imperative in the wake of vehicle congestion and ride sharing solutions

Let us know whether our comments on the reports were useful. Also let us know if you want free reports on particular subjects delivered to you.


Let us know whether our comments on the reports were useful. Also let us know if you want such free reports delivered to you by filling up this form