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Why e-mobilityinsight?

At e-mobilityinsight our mission is to map and analyze the accelerating development of the global hybrid and electric vehicle sector along with its eco-system that includes connected vehicles, autonomous drives and shared mobility. Our key focus areas include the hybrid and electric vehicle OEMs and suppliers, the regulatory environment and activities by private and public stakeholders. The website is directed at industry executives, financial and service providers and public bodies involved in the future of the electrified industry.

Who we are

e-mobilityinsight aims to provide reports, surveys and analysis of public domain information such as news and data, to come up with forecasts and stories behind datasets. We have helped customers make sense of the mass of information circulating the internet about powertrain electrification. We go after the most important stories that we can find about the progress of Electric Vehicles around the world. Our focus is on the technologies and economic and regulatory changes that will drive the growth of the electric vehicle industry that is now also connected and shared.

About Us

We aim to be the most useful source of business information about the electric vehicle industry around the world. We are backed by a team of analysts with a total of 55 years of automotive industry experience who believe in electric powertrain ubiquity in the future.

The team is led by Edmund Chew who have been following trends in the electric vehicle domain since before the Roadster hit the streets. Our team also includes five full time analysts, international correspondents as well as senior commentators from industry.

Edmund Chew

Edmund has worked in a number of forecasting, financial and journalistic positions covering the automotive sector. He has focused on industry analysis and change. He was Managing Director and moving force behind SupplierBusiness, an industry analysis company serving the automotive supply chain, until its acquisition by IHS in 2009. Since then he has focused on US automotive retail, the EV sector, and analyzing developments in China and in the supply base.

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