Electric Vehicle Batteries, Metals & Manufacturing till 2030- Post-Covid

The Coronavirus pandemic may have brought about a slowdown in expansion plans for electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturers. But confidence in the long term outlook of EV batteries continues to be high..


Issues in Powertrain Electrification to 2030

The report takes a unique approach to assessing the central track of the industry’s technological roadmap – and then discusses the threats and challenges to that projection as a way of analyzing the risks and opportunities that will dominate the next decade.


48V Issues and Prospects: Unlocking the Opportunities

48V systems can help OEMs deliver most of the reductions in CO2 emisisons required by regulations at a fraction of the cost of full electrification – a real benefit in a world of political uncertainty about the future of EV subsidies – and without having to tackle the barriers to adoption (such as range and cost) thrown up by more fully electric solutions.


Automotive Transmissions to 2030

The simultaneous emergence of four megatrends – electrification, automated driving, connectivity, and shared mobility are making it more difficult for manufacturers to forecast trends to guide them in investment and development.


Who are the EV battery market leaders of tomorrow?

We're conducting the 2020 edition of our survey at the moment. We will share the results of our survey with Battery report subscribers and respondents to the survey.

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